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03 đề thi B2 tiếng Anh

Hiện tại có 3 loại đề thi B2 tiếng Anh gồm đề thi Vstep B2, đề thi B2 Cambridge FCE và đề thi B2 tiếng Anh định dạng sau đại học (dành cho tiến sỹ).

Bài viết này đề cập đến đề thi B2 tiếng Anh định dạng FCE của Cambridge. Bạn hãy tự làm đề thi B2 tiếng Anh này theo đúng thời gian quy định trước khi kiểm tra đáp án ở cuối bài viết nhé. 

Đề thi B2 tiếng Anh châu Âu (FCE Cambridge)

Đề thi tiếng Anh B2 kỹ năng Đọc (B2 reading)

PAPER 1 READING (1 hour 15 minutes)

Chọn tiêu đề phù hợp với mỗi đoạn văn

You are going to read an article about surfing. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-I for each part (1-7) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

A Warnings ignored
B Future challenge
C Scientists' involvement
D Wetsuits on a mountain
E Ideal surfing conditions
F One man's influence
G Origins of surfing
H Scientific breakthrough
I Dangers of surfing
The history of surfing

0. G
It is generally believed that the ancient Polynesians were the first to surf and to introduce surfing to the Hawaiian islands in the central Pacific Ocean. In fact, early records show that surfing was at its height in the late eighteenth century. During the next century the sport declined, but by the beginning of the twentieth century its popularity had increased again and it gradually became an established water sport.
Hawaii has the best surf in the world but the beaches are among the most dangerous, partly because they are overcrowded. During October each year there are huge swells in which the waves can be almost twenty metres high. These waves then move to the southern hemisphere in April.
If a surfer gets sucked into the centre of one of these waves and then flung onto the shore as the wave breaks, the force can be life-threatening. And if the weight of the water does not make them unconscious, then the wave can drag them under water long enough for them to drown.
To most people, a twenty-metre high wave is Nature’s way of saying: stay away. It’s the oceanic equivalent of a lion’s roar: get closer and you will be killed. But there are some surfers who actually find these dangers one of the most attractive features of the sport.
In the second half of the twentieth century one man in particular was responsible for fresh enthusiasm in the sport. He was a Californian surfer called Jack O’Neill who was determined to create a suit that would keep people warm in the waters of northern California, and at the same time would allow complete freedom of movement.
He experimented with various materials without much success until, during a plane journey in 1952, he came across a substance called neoprene. Using this material he created a wetsuit made of rubber which kept surfers warm and made surfing a year-round activity in climates which would otherwise be too cold for part of the year.
Over the years wetsuits have been used for everything from deep-sea diving to board sports which take place on land, like skateboarding. In 1988 O’Neill’s original wetsuits were used for the first ever snowboarding world cup event, reflecting O’Neill’s belief that snow is only frozen water and snowboarding takes place over frozen waves.
One surfer who recently rode a giant wave off the Pacific island of Tahiti astonished onlookers by walking away without a scratch. This same man now wants to surf a wave called Jaws, which crashes onto the shore of Maui, one of the Hawaiian islands, for only a few days each year. Jaws can reach a height of over twenty-five metres and is known to the surfing world as the Mount Everest of surfing


Đọc đoạn văn và chọn đáp án đúng ABCD

You are going to read an article about a woman who runs a company called Peanuts. For Questions 8-15, choose the correct answer A, B, c or D.

Hungry pop stars

Valerie Jones runs a company called Peanuts whose job it is to look after pop stars and pop groups when they go on tour. She is the person who feeds the stars and she's been doing it for the past ten years.

When the stars are playing at a festival Valerie may have to cook for up to a thousand people which includes all the crew and the people who work backstage. She erects a marquee - a huge tent - and the food is served buffet style from a central serving area. She has to cater for different tastes, sb there are normally four or more choices of menu. She also has to look after people who may be on a special diet or some singers who don’t eat dairy food before a concert.

She drives an enormous truck full of kitchen equipment and hires at least three walk-in refrigerators, a dishwashing unit and portable cabins which act as storerooms and office.

All the bands have to queue up to be served and everyone has to have a meal ticket. The stars are usually more relaxed when they are eating as no one is bothering them for autographs, although Valerie says that sometimes the security men and the stars’ managers are more trouble than the stars themselves.

There are certain things which she always has to keep in stock like herbal teas and her own particular mixture of honey, lemon and ginger which singers like to keep in flasks on stage with them when they’re singing. Years ago bands used to drink quite a lot of alcohol, but these days they’re much healthier. Most bands drink fresh fruit juice and prefer to eat salads.

A lot of people in the bands are quite young and they're not used to very expensive food, so Valerie prepares plain food unless a band sends her a ‘rider’. This is a list of special requirements. When people are tired, unwell or homesick they like to have familiar ‘comfort’ food so she keeps a stock of people’s requirements just in case. As a result of all this, Valerie 43 says she has become an expert shopper and in less than an hour in a supermarket she can spend £1000.

A lot of bands won’t eat before a concert because they’re too nervous, so Valerie and her staff can end up working very long hours as they have to be around to provide what people want at two or three in the morning. One thing Valerie has noticed is that the more mad a band is on stage, the more normal they are when they are off it. She says she is amazed at the change in behaviour. A really wild singer can turn out to be really quiet and polite off stage.

8. Valerie has to provide a range of food because
A people are very fussy about what they eat.
B people are used to eating in restaurants, c there is such a wide variety of preferences.
D there is such a demand for special menus.
9. The singers are less nervous when they are eating because A their security men are with them.
B there are no fans hanging around.
c their managers fuss over them.
D the bands enjoy eating together.
10. Why does Valerie have to keep a supply of certain drinks?
A The bands rely on a special recipe.
B The bands prefer herbal tea to coffee
C The bands take fruit juice on stage.
D The bands like to drink alcohol.
11. What do most bands like best to eat?
A. rich food
B. cheap food
C. junk food
D. simple food
12. What does 'just in case' in the paragraph refer to?
A. Valerie's supply of more expensive food
B. Valerie's list of ’riders' from the different bands
C. Valerie's supply of special food for various people
D. Valerie's understanding of people feeling sick
13. Why do you think Valerie has become an 'expert shopper'?
A. She has a lot of money to spend each week.
B. She has learnt to find what individuals want.
C. She has to buy as much as possible for £1000.
D. She has to shop very quickly in a supermarket.
14. Why is a band likely to be hungry after playing?
A. They feel more relaxed after a concert.
B. They work long hours with little food
C. They only have a snack before a concert.
D. They like to wait until they eat together.
15. What does Valerie think about the singers?
A. They are completely crazy on and off stage.
B. They behave differently on and off stage,
C. They are less rude when they are off stage.
D. They are normally more noisy on stage.


Đọc đoạn văn và điền các câu A-H vào chỗ trống. Có thừa 1 câu không cần điền.

You are going to read a newspaper article about teenagers learning the art of discussion and argument. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (16-21). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).


Teenagers can talk for hours on the phone to their friends, but if you try to get them to talk about politics or the latest developments in agriculture, for example, they are likely to fall silent. 0. D  It Is more to do with lack of confidence or experience in putting forward clear arguments in front of strangers.

In order to demonstrate the value of good communication skills, a boarding school in Bath, in the west of England, decided to organise an interesting and exciting way of teaching teenagers how to argue and debate in public. 16……… The Model United Nations programme, which is a role-olay exercise, was first developed in the US where it forms part of the curriculum in hundreds of schools.

As many as 600 student representatives, ranging in age from 13 to 18, attend from schools all over England and Northern Ireland. 17………

The important roles within the UN, like the president of the general assembly, and the topics, are chosen by the teachers, and they decide which subjects students will discuss, 18………

MUN starts on a Friday evening and lasts until Sunday evening. Before arriving all the students are given a country to represent and are expected to prepare for the discussion in advance. 19………

It  is then up to the students to discuss their views with the other members of their committee to win support for their argument, before they reach a decision by voting on a particular topic. 20………

For some of the students it will be the first time they have spoken in front of an audience and it can be very nerve-wracking. 21………  At the same time students become more aware of political affairs and as well as gaining in self-confidence they learn about international issues.

A. The other roles are taken by the students who pretend to be diplomats and try to represent the views and opinions of different member states.
B. However, it gives them an opportunity to develop their skills at persuading other people and interacting with other students.
C. Who is then chosen to speak in the full assembly is up to the student who is the chairperson of that committee.
D. This is not so much to do with lack of knowledge or opinions about these matters.
E. They tried to destroy the other representative's argument.
F. Once they are all together they are divided into five committees.
G. They hold an annual Model United Nations (called MUN for short by teachers and students) based on the real United Nations General Assembly.
H. In some years a few students from other countries such as Italy and Poland will also attend.


Đọc bài văn và cho biết những câu 22-35 dùng để nói về người nào A-D

You are going to read a magazine article in which four actors talk about their profession. For Questions 22-35 choose from the actors A-D. The people may be chosen more than once. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Which of the actors

0. D  had intended to do something else?
22____has become successful at a young age?
23____was strongly influenced by their upbringing?
24____had little warning before going on stage?
25____comments on different acting techniques?
26____accepted work without hesitation?
27____was picked without having spoken?
28____has not been professionally trained?
29____used to worry about being unemployed?
30____is not interested in reading scripts?
31____had a difficult time before becoming famous?
32____refuses quite a lot of work?
33____tried to change their appearance?
34____had to fight for parental support?
35____I thinks the acting process is quite charming and attractive?


A Jake Armstrong

I have a terrible problem reading through scripts,’ admits Jake Armstrong. ‘I find most of them very boring, although once in a while a script will really appeal to me and I am immediately attracted to the character the director has asked me to consider.’ Jake Armstrong was always going to end up doing something dramatic. His father and mother are both actors, and although neither of them pushed him into the profession, he feels his career path was inevitable as he saw so much theatre when he was a child. ‘I would wait backstage until it was time to go home al the end of an evening performance. I met the most fantastic people. As a child you don’t appreciate fame and I thought all these extraordinary people were really normal. But there was something fascinating about the whole business, why people dress up as different people and pretend to be other personalities. Unlike my parents, however, I am more interested in film work. The thing about filming is that you hang around for hours chatting away to people, then suddenly you’ve got to turn it on. I had to learn very quickly how to tone down for the camera, not to overact, whereas on stage in the theatre it’s the exact opposite.’

B Laura Dyson

‘I think I'm very lucky to have been noticed so early in my career. When I was at drama school I used to feel quite desperate meeting up with friends who had already graduated and who were out of work. I would listen to them talking about the temporary jobs they had, working in restaurants, supermarkets — whatever they could find, and going to one audition after the other. And they were only auditioning for really small parts in theatre or film and getting absolutely nowhere.’

Laura Dyson is just 21 and already a box office name. She was spotted whilst on stage in London and offered a film role by one of Hollywood’s leading directors. ‘It was unbelievable, rd had hardly any experience and the play I was in was a wralk-on role only. I didn’t have to say a single word! Apparently the director was looking for someone who could play a 16-year-old schoolgirl, so I suppose I'm fortunate in that I don’t look my age. The irony is that I used to spend hours making up my face so that I’d look older. I used to get so fed up with people refusing me entry to adult films because nobody believed me when I said I was over 18.’

C Emmy Mason

‘My parents have always been interested in the arts and I remember being taken to the cinema and the theatre at a very early age. When I said I wanted to go to drama school they were horrified. In fact, my father refused to agree but he eventually gave in because I threatened to go off around the world on my own at 17 doing any old job just to pay my way.’

Emmy Mason was determined to succeed and although it has not been an easy ride to stardom she has finally achieved the kind of recognition that most actors can only dream about. ‘My big break came quite by accident. 1 was an understudy at the National Theatre for months on end. It was such hard work, learning the lines and yet knowing that you were unlikely ever to say them in front of an audience. Don’t get me wrong, though. I was glad to be earning some money and at least I got to see the famous names each night. Anyway, one day the leading lady went down with flu and ỉn the afternoon I was told J. would be on stage that evening. There wasn’t time to be frightened. I had sat through all the rehearsals so I knew the moves by heart. And that was it. The critics loved my performance and I’ve never been out of work since.’

D Luke Dcmain

T guess I ended up acting by accident. 1 wanted to go to university but couldn’t decide what to study. So I thought I’d lake a year out, do different things and give myself a breathing space before applying. Bui during that year I got involved with a local theatre group and suddenly realised I was happier than I'd ever been.’

Luke Domain has never looked back. Unusual in this day and age, he didn’t go to drama school and has had no formal training. Instead he found himself an agent who was willing to put him forward for auditions. ‘To begin with I was mostly doing advertisements for TV and film, which was fine but not serious acting. Then one day my agent got a call from a film studio and the next day I was on the film set. There hadn’t even been time to send me the script. Looking back I don’t think I even asked what the film was about, it didn’t matter. But I’m quite choosy now and turn down more scripts than I accept!’

Đề thi B2 tiếng Anh kỹ năng Viết (B2 writing)

PAPER 2 WRITING (1 hour 30 minutes)


Viết một lá thư trả lời dựa trên các ghi chú

1 You want to do an activity course abroad during your summer holiday. You have seen the advertisement below in a magazine and made some notes about things you want to know. Read the notes you have made. Then, write to the company covering all the points in your notes and adding any relevant questions of your own.

Đề thi tiếng Anh B2 writing
Đề thi tiếng Anh B2 writing

Write a letter of between 120 and 180 words in an appropriate style. Do not write any addresses.


Viết luận/ viết thư/ viết bài báo. Chọn một trong số các câu hỏi từ 2-5 và viết từ 120- 180 từ.

Write an answer to one of the Questions 2-5 in this part. Write your answer in 120-180 words in an appropriate style
2. You have been studying the environment in your English lessons and your teacher has asked you to write on the following topic for homework:
Taking care of our planet: the things we can all do to help.
Write your composition

3. Some English friends are coming to stay with you for a week. They want to know about some of the special tourist attractions in your area, and have asked for some suggestions for things you think their children would especially enjoy.
Write your letter Do not write any addresses.

4. An international magazine is publishing articles from readers about a person who has had an important influence on their life.
Write your article.

5. Answer one of the following two questions based on your reading of one of the set books.
Either (a) Write a composition describing one of the events in the book which you have read, saying why you have chosen it and what you find memorable about it.
Or       (b) Your teacher has asked you to write a report for your class on whether you think the book which you have read would be suitable for a radio or television play. Write a report giving the reasons for your choice.

Từ vựng và ngữ pháp tiếng Anh B2

Từ vựng ngữ pháp tiếng Anh B2 là một nội dung thi trong bài thi tiếng Anh B2. Trong đó, thí sinh sẽ thi nhiều bài thi trắc nghiệm lựa chọn giữa các từ vựng tiếng Anh B2 khác nhau, điền từ vào chỗ trống, viết lại câu, sửa lỗi, chia dạng đúng của từ…

PAPER 3 Use of English (1 hour 15 minutes)


Đọc đoạn văn sau và điền vào chỗ trống với các từ cho sẵn A, B, C, D. Phần này kiểm tra kiến thức về từ vựng và ngữ pháp tiếng Anh B2.

For Questions 1-15, read the text below anti decide which answer A, B, c or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.


0 A watch B find C see D look

Đáp án: C


Imagine driving along a bridge that is so long that you can’t even (0)…..the other end.The Resund Bridge, one of the (1).......bridges in the world, (2).......so far ahead into the (3).......that you can't even tell where the blue of the water (4).......the blue of the sky.

The Oresund Bridge is an amazing example of modern engineering design that (5).......theScandinavian countries of Denmark and Sweden. It is 8 kilometres long and was (6)..... in July 2000. It crosses the Fltnte Channel, the chilly waterway (7).......the two countries.

At one stage the bridge turns (8).......a tunnel under the sea. This tunnel is also a (9).......breaker in its own right as it is the longest road and rail tunnel in the world. The engineers built an artificial island near the Danish coast that (10)…... to support part of the bridge (11).......as well as being the point at which the road disappears (12)....... before coming out in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

The bridge, which was built (13)......by the two countries, is expected to bring huge advantages. It will (14).......time compared to traditional ferry connections, as well as being of (15).......to the economy of both countries.

1         A. longest     B. furthest     C. deepest           D. hardest
2         A. travels      B. leans         C. stretches           D. pulls
3         A. space        B. distance    C. horizon           D. range
4         A. comes       B. meets        C. lines           D. starts
5         A. links         B. contacts    C. holds           D. relates
6         A. done         B. ended        C. brought                      D. completed
7         A. splitting    B. cutting      C. breaking           D. separating
8         A. down        B. into            C. out D. back
9         A. performance        B. world C. record  D. account
10       A. helps        B. aids          C. attempts           D. tries
11       A. scheme     B. plan          C. structure           D. form
12       A. down        B. underground C. below           D. underneath
13       A. commonly B. doubly      C. similarly           D. jointly
14       A. save          B. spare        C. spend  D. spread
15       A. good B. benefit   C. quality      D. comfort


Đọc điền từ vào đoan văn sau. Bài này kiểm tra việc sử dụng từ vựng và ngữ pháp tiếng Anh B2.

For Questions 16-30, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0)

Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.


0. an


Patti Wilkins is (0)..........Artist Development Manager. She specialises in pop

music and is (16).......... for managing the production (17)......... a pop singer's new single or album and (18).......... that it involves.

She is the person who selects the songs for the album, the photographs for publicity purposes, who shoots the video and chooses the clothes the singer (19)..........for that video. In (20)..........     typical day she will meet the people designing the artwork for the album, the singer's manager, journalists and marketing managers.

(21).......... the week she will have to listen to the hundreds of tapes that are (22)..........to the record company by singers and bands hoping to (23).......... famous one day. she needs to understand (24)..........makes a good pop band and at the same time has to be (25).......... to           spot star potential. In (26)..........of working long hours she feels It is (27)..........it when a song finally gets Into the pop charts She learnt about the pop industry by (28).......... work experience and editing pop magazines (29)……………well as taking a business course. In that way she (30)..........out how to go about marketing and selling In the highly competitive music industry.


Viết lại câu sử dụng từ đã cho. Bài này kiểm tra kiến thức sử dụng ngữ pháp B2.

For Questions 31-40, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given, Here is an example (0).

Example: 0. The bag is not big enough for all my luggage. (small)

The bag……………………………………………………for           all my luggage.

Đáp án: is too small

Write only the missing words on the separate answer sheet.

31. I had no idea about Fiona's engagement (unaware)
32. I haven't seen a good film for months. (since)
It’s…………………………………a good film.
33. Mark did as I suggested and bought a new computer (advice)
Mark…………………………………and bought a new computer.
34. No teacher will tolerate bad behaviour in class. (put)
No teacher will…………………………………bad behaviour in class.
35. The heavy snow meant that no trains were running. (prevented)
The trains…………………………………the heavy snow.
36. Can I borrow your camera for my holiday, please? (Lend)
Can…………………………………your camera for my holiday, please?
37. Jim was horrified to find his new car had been stolen. (horror)
To…………………………………his new car had been stolen.
38. When are you hoping to go to university? (want)
When…………………………………to go to university?
39. If only I spoke Russian. (could)
40. Brazilian farmers grow much of the world’s coffee. (is)
Much of the world's coffee       farmers…………………………………in Brazil.


Đọc đoạn văn sau và xem các câu sau đây đúng hay sai. Một số câu sai do thừa 1 từ vựng trong câu.

For Questions 41-55, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there.

Example: 0. ✓; 00. up

Red Nose Day

0………. Every March in Britain there is a special day called Red Nose
00 ……….Day during which the charity, Comic Relief, expects to raise up
41……….millions   of pounds. One third of all money collected together
42………. goes to UK projects to help disadvantaged groups of people
43……….such as like the disabled or refugees The rest of the money
44……….goes to Africa, where because twenty of the world's poorest
45………. countries are situated. In these countries the money is used
46……….to provide clean drinking water, health care for, education and
47……….safe housing. So how are the British public persuaded to give
48……….money to Comic Relief? The BBC plays a large part by being
49……….broadcasting on hours and hours of programmes. Many famous
50……….personalities apoear here on the various programmes and ask
51……….people to give over some money. Hundreds of schools are also
52……….involved and students and teachers pay to dress up for the day
53……….Supermarkets, shops and garages sell red plastic noses and
54……….millions of people wear these about for fun; some people even
55……….buy extra large noses which they had fix to the front of their cars.


Đọc đoạn văn tiếng Anh B2 và chia dạng đúng của từ vựng trong ngoặc. Bài này kiểm tra cách sử dụng từ vựng B2 tiếng Anh.

For Questions 56-65, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).

0. exciting


Australian Aborigines are famous for their (0)...... (EXCITE) stories,  
which are read not from a text but from their (56) ……………………. (SURROUND). These  (57)……………………. (TRADITION) stories        form the body of Aboriginal culture and (58) …………………….. (KNOW) which make up their unique world view,         
The stories, which are often very (59) …………………….. (THEATRE) are told by pointing out and walking along large tracks of land; it can be said, therefore, that
the (60) …………………….. (LIFE) of Aborigines are lived out as if in a giant natural
storybook. It is also (61) ……………………..(BELIEF) that Aboriginal land has a strange
way of creating its own (62) ……………………..(PERSONAL)
When they talk about a place of (63) ……………………..(IMPORTANT) Aborigines say that the land has a gi that either likes you or makes you feel disturbed and
(64) ……………………. (COMFORT). In fact, if you sit under a tree there is a        
(65) ……………………. (POSSIBLE) that it is watching you, listening to you and that it may even talk to you.

Đề luyện nghe tiếng Anh B2 (B2 listening tests)


Luyện nghe tiếng Anh B2 phần 1

Nghe mọi người nói về 8 tình huống khác nhau và chọn câu trả lời đúng.

You’ll hear people talking in eight different situations. For Questions 1-8, choose the best answer. A, B or C.

1. You hear a radio announcement about a transport problem.
What is the problem to do with?
A. the railways
B. the roads
C.  the airports
2. You hear a man being interviewed on the radio
What is the topic of his new book?
A insects
B flowers
C butterflies
3. You hear a woman talking to her friend on the phone.
What has happened?
A Her meeting was cancelled.
B Her meeting was boring.
C Her meeting was difficult.
4. You hear an advertisement for a concert.
What is being offered?
A two tickets for the price of one
B a ticket which includes supper
C a special ticket for a family
5. You hear a man talking to a hotel manager.
What is he asking for?
A a new suitcase
B. a small lock
C. a spare key
6. You hear an artist talking about a trip to an exhibition.
What is she looking forward to?
A. seeing her work on display
B. meeting some new artists
C buying an oil painting
7. You hear a business woman talking to her assistant over the phone. What is the reason for her call?
A She's left her laptop on her desk.
B She's left her diary behind.
C She's left her passport in a drawer.
8. You hear a man phoning through an order for a takeaway meal.
Where does he want it delivered?
A. to his car
B. to his office
C. to his studio

Luyện nghe B2 tiếng Anh phần 2

Nghe một cuộc hội thoại phỏng vấn và điền từ vào chỗ trống.

You will hear part of a radio interview with a man who is the director of an environmental Centre. For Questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

The Environmental Centre has been open for (9).............
The Centre has working displays of sun and wind (10).............
School children visit the Centre to carry out a (11).............on the environment.
The majority of courses take (12).............apart from ones in the summer.
Accommodation is provided in basic (13).............made of wood.
The Centre does not allow anyone (14).............inside.
The course on garden wildlife and different plants is called (15).............gardening.
The most popular course shows people how to save (16).............
The cost of a course depends on whether people have a (17).............or not.
The Centre has a (18).............to make sure nobody is refused a place on a course.

Luyện nghe tiếng Anh B2 phần 3

You will hear five different people talking about the importance of modern inventions. For Questions 19-23, choose from the list A-F the reason each speaker gives for the importance of the invention to them personally. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.

19 Speaker 1_________
20 Speaker 2_________
21 Speaker 3_________
22 Speaker 4_________
23 Speaker 5_________
A It entertains me.
B It guarantees contact.
C It helps my memory.
D It provides an escape.
E It's removed a pressure
F It's always with me.

B2 listening test part 4

You will hear a radio interview with a research scientist. For each of the Questions 24-30, decide which of the statements are True and which are False. Write T for True or F for False in the boxes provided.

24.______ The 'smart pill' is a new drug.
25. ______It's easy for some people to take the wrong medicine.
26. ______People don't mind about making mistakes.
27. ______Most people are impressed with the new system for reading labels.
28. ______People can hear personal information with the new system.
29. ______The labels are designed to speak aloud.
30. ______Most people are afraid of the new technology.

Thi nói tiếng Anh B2 (B2 speaking)

PAPER 5 Speaking (14 minutes)

Đề thi nói tiếng Anh B2 phần 1 (3 minutes)

Trong phần này, giám khảo sẽ yêu cầu thí sinh giới thiệu bản thân và trả lời một số câu hỏi về bản thân.

The examiner (interlocutor) will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and to give personal information about yourselves. You can expect a variety of questions, such as:

Where do you come from?
Have you always lived there/here?
Can you tell us what it's like? Would you like to live anywhere else?

Đề thi nói tiếng Anh B2 phần 2 (4 minutes)

Phần số 2 trong bài thi nói tiếng Anh B2 yêu cầu thí sinh miêu tả tranh trong 1 phút. Mỗi thí sinh được đưa 1 bức tranh và miêu tả. Người còn lại sẽ trả lời 1 câu hỏi liên quan đến bức tranh.

You will each be asked to talk for a minute without interruption. You will each be given two different photographs in turn to talk about. After your partner has finished speaking you will be asked a brief question connected with your partner’s photographs.

Eating out (compare, contrast and speculate)

Turn to pictures 1 and 2 which show people eating out in different places.

B2 speaking part 2
B2 speaking part 2

Candidate A, compare and contrast these photographs and say why you think the people have chosen to eat in these particular places. You have a minute to do this.
Candidate B, which of these would you like to eat in?

(Television (compare, contrast and speculate)

Turn to pictures 1 and 2 which show people making a television programme.

B2 speaking part 2 (2)

Candidate B, compare and contrast these photographs and say how you think the people are feeling in these photographs. You have a minute to do this.

Candidate A, do you enjoy watching television?

Đề thi nói tiếng Anh B2 phần 3 (3 minutes)

Hai thí sinh cùng thảo luận về một chủ đề trong bức tranh.

You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the examiner. You will have a page of pictures to help you.
People and travel (discuss and evaluate)
Turn to the pictures  which show different forms of transport. How popular do you think these different forms of transport are with different people?

B2 speaking part 3

Đề thi nói B2 tiếng Anh phần 4 (4 minutes)

Giám khảo hỏi thí sinh các câu hỏi mở rộng, liên quan đến chủ đề đã thảo luận ở phần 3.

The examiner will encourage you to develop the topic of your discussion in Part 3 by asking questions such as:
Is it important to have a cheap public transport system? Why (not)?
Do you think people should pay more to use their own cars? why (not)?
What do you think is the safest form of transport? Why?
If you go on a long journey, what form of transport do you choose? Why?

Download Đáp án đề thi B2 tiếng Anh tại đây.

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